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International competition of musicians named after Alfred Schnittke 2018, Nomination "Chamber Ensemble"

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International competition of musicians named after Alfred Schnittke 2018

The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

Moscow Department of Culture

Moscow State Institute of Music named after A.G. Schnittke


International competition of musicians 

named after Alfred Schnittke


Nomination "Chamber Ensemble"


Founder of the competition:

Moscow State Institute of Music named after A.G. Schnittke

Time and venue:

from 17 to 21 April 2018

Moscow, MSIM after A.G. Schnittke

Chairman of the Jury:

Irina Schnittke


Goals and Objectives of the Competition

International competition of musicians named after Alfred Schnittke aims to promote music of one of the greatest composers of  the XX century, whose work, a vivid expression of Russian culture, belongs at the same time to the whole world, revealing to it a living and pulsating image of the time, a new picture of the world created by the great Master.


International competition of musicians named after Alfred Schnittke is a "bridge" to a new artistic space, an invitation to an active intercultural dialogue that infinitely enriches all the participants with new creative ideas. This is an opportunity to rediscover the great power of Music that unites hearts and erases all barriers between people of different countries and continents.


International competition of musicians named after Alfred Schnittke invites to come to Russia — a country of great cultural traditions and rich musical heritage. The main aim of the competition is the preservation, promotion and development of the traditions of musical performing art, contributing to the further prosperity of the Russian and world artistic culture.






1. In 2018 the competition in the nomination "Chamber Ensemble" is conducted for the following types of ensembles:

  • String ensembles – trio, quartet, quintet, sextet, septet, and octet.
  • String ensembles with piano - piano trio, piano quartet, piano quintet.

2. The competition is held in two age categories:

  • Performers aged from 14 to 18 years are allowed to participate in group A,
  • Performers aged from 19 to 32 years are allowed to participate in group B.


3. Participation of the representatives of different age categories in one ensemble is allowed. In the said case, the ensemble will be automatically included to the age category B.


Competition Program

Group .

The competition is held in one round. Duration of program performance is no more than 25 minutes. At least two compositions (or parts of compositions), one of which is written in the XX – XXI centuries, must be performed.

Group .

The competition is held in two rounds.

1st round:

  • Program performance duration is no more than 15 minutes;
  • Any composition (or part of a composition) chosen by participants.

2nd round:

  • Program performance duration is no more than 40 minutes;
  • The program should include a composition of the second half of XX – the beginning of XXI century.

Each composition of the competition program may be performed only in one round.


Applications for participation in competition should be submitted no later than April 1, 2018.

The application includes:

  • Completed application form (see Annex No.1);
  • Scanned images of identity documents, confirming the age of participant:

for citizens of the Russian Federation - the second turn of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;

for citizens of other states - the information page of passport (must contain photo, signature and date of birth);

  • Scanned image of a document confirming musical education (Diploma);
  • Scanned image of a confirmation from place of study (for students);
  • Scanned image of a recommendation from the musical educational institution or a well-known musician;
  •  Brief creative biography in.doc or .docx format that is no more than one A4 page, including information about the date and place of birth, place of study/work (if the participant is a student, it`s necessary to indicate the year of studies at the time of the competition), information about the teachers, previous competitions (year, venue and award), as well as any other information the participant wants to list;
  • A group photo of ensemble members;
  • Scanned image of the signed statement on agreement of the personal data processing (see Annex No.2).


All the documents and photographs should be sent in electronic form to the following address:

In case of fulfilling the requirements of the application, an invitation of the organizing Committee of the competition with the exact days and time of the auditions in different age groups, as well as the time of the draw will be sent to the email address of the participants from 2 to 5 April.

The organizing Committee will also send the bank details for paying an entrance fee to participate in the competition. The entrance fee can be paid on the arrival of the participants to the competition, but no later than the date of the draw procedure.

The entrance fee is:

3000 (three thousand) rubles for citizens and residents of the Russian Federation;

60 (sixty) U.S. dollars or 55 (fifty-five) Euro for citizens of other States.

The entrance fee is not refundable.

Competition Procedure

Competition participants should arrive in Moscow according to the date specified by the organizing Committee in the official notification (from 17 to 21 April 2018).

The participants will be divided into two age groups.

Performance order of the participants is determined by the draw procedure.

Auditions are open to the public and are held in the Concert hall of the MSIM after A.G. Schnittke.

Performance order of works in each round is the choice of participants.

The members of the jury do not participate in the vote for the ensembles, which include their official students.

Results of each round are announced upon its completion.

At the time of the competition all participants (ensembles) will be assigned classrooms to prepare for performances.


Prizes and Awards

The organizing Committee sets three prizes of laureate level and two diplomas in each age group.

At the end of the competition the jury will decide on the distribution of the competition prizes. The jury`s decisions are final and are not subject to revision.

The competition jury has the right to divide the prizes between the participants and not award all prizes.

The decision to award special awards and prizes may be made by the jury.


Additional Requirements

Any changes in the announced program of the competition by the participants are not allowed after April 1, 2018.


Documents sent to the organizing Committee of the competition are not returned. The organizing Committee reserves the right of recording and broadcasting of the auditions and concerts of the competition on radio and television, and confirms its exclusive right  on the footage of the contest and distribution of video.



Contact person:

Sergey Slovachevsky

8 916 880 35 30



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