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Childrens Music School named after U.A. Shaporin

Children’s Music School named after Y.A. Shaporin was founded in the thirties of the twentieth century and is among the oldest music schools in Moscow. In 2010 the school celebrated its seventy fifth anniversary. It was among the first in Moscow to acquire a name: in 1971 it was named after a composer, teacher, and public figure of the XX century Yuri Aleksandrovich Shaporin.
An important landmark in history of the school was its getting affiliated to Moscow State Institute of Music named after A.G. in 1992 as a structural subdivision. The school became a part of the three-step educational system “School-College-Institute”.
School’s Pedagogical staff work in creative contact with the college teachers of and professors of the institute.
Following the reconstruction the school was equipped with modern accessories and new music instruments. The school has a library and The Y.A. Shaporin museum. Concerts are held in the two small music halls and in the Great music hall where the school’s organ is installed.

According to the art form the school has following departments:

  • Department of special and general piano
  • Department of string instruments
  • Department of wind and percussion instruments
  • Department of folk instruments
  • Department of vocal singing

The school offers programmes with majors in piano, violin, cello, double-bass, recorder, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, percussion instruments, domra, balalaika, guitar, accordion, solo academic singing, solo folk singing.
As a subsidiary subject children can choose learning an additional instrument including organ, electronic piano and in the class of vocal.

Training is provided either in state-subsidized or in fee-based forms.

Admission for state-subsidized spaces starts from the age of 6,5. All school pupils are to attend compulsory courses such as solfeggio, music listening, music literature, choir; pupils of middle and high classes practice in a string, folk or wind orchestra.
Pupils and bands (ensembles, choirs and orchestras) of the school regularly participate in international, all-Russian and Moscow competitions, taking prize places and performing in renowned Moscow concert halls.
The educational process of the school is based on the individual approach to abilities of each child within traditional educational programs of a 5-year or 7-year course and educational programs providing preparation training for entering professional colleges.
The former graduates of the school work in different children educational institutions, colleges, institutions of higher education, orchestras, symphonic chapels and theaters both in Russia and abroad.

The Department of paid training works in two directions:

  • “Pre-school group” – group musical classes with children aged 4-6 years old with the view to involve children in various forms of musical activity and prepare them for studying at a musical school.
  • “Musical studio” – teaching separate subjects or a set of subjects in accordance with school programmes (the age of those willing to study is not limited).

Head of the Department of paid training is Padalko Sergei Vitalyevich:

Tel. 8-915-182-25-82.

Head of the Subdivision:
Merited Worker of culture of Moscow
FEDOROVA Irina Nikolaevna

School address: 129090, Moscow, Sadovaya-Suharevskaya street, building 7
Tel.: (495) 694-04-96
Official site of the School:
The School in social networks: , , Facebook.



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