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Schnittke MSIM is a multi-tier educational institution. It exercises educational activity on the programs of supplementary (preparatory), high, higher and post-graduation professional tuition.

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Enrollment To School

Children`s music school named after Y.A. Shaporin affiliated to Moscow State Institute of Music named after A.G. Schnittke announces open the enrollment of pupils for training in the following majors:

  • piano;
  • string instruments: violin, cello, double-bass;
  • wind and percussion instruments: recorder, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, percussion instruments;
  • folk instruments: domra, balalaika, guitar, accordion;
  • solo academic singing, solo folk singing.

The enrollment is effected on a competition basis on condition that the applicant has a musical ear, a sense of rhythm and musical memory.

Children are admitted to the first form from the age of 6 years and 6 months old to the age of 9 (as of 1 September) for an 8-year course of training (all majors) and at the age of 10-12 years old for a 5-year course of training (folk instruments and wind instruments).

Training is free of charge for children who were admitted to budget spaces.

To be invited for an audition one should get registered and leave an application on the Unified Portal of state services in the Internet or contact the school directly.
The following documents are necessary for admission:

  • Copy of birth certificate;
  • Medical certificate on the absence of any contraindications for children to study at a musical school;
  • 2 photos 3X4;
  • Application filled in (the blanks are available at the Secretary of the Department of Studies)

Applications are accepted from 14 April to 15 May.

The enrollment to 2-6 forms for training in accordance with additional educational programmes is effected on a competition basis. Auditions are held on the dates given on appointment. There is no admission to the graduate forms.

The School offers paid services for children of 4-6 years old in a pre-school group and for adults in a musical studio (for reference 8-915-182-25-82 Padalko Sergei Vitalyevich).

Head of the Subdivision:
Merited Worker of culture of Moscow
FEDOROVA Irina Nikolaevna

School address: 129090, Moscow, Sadovaya-Suharevskaya street, building 7
Tel.: (495) 694-04-96
Official site of the School:
The School in social networks: Одноклассники, ВКонтакте, Facebook.



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