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Schnittke MSIM is a multi-tier educational institution. It exercises educational activity on the programs of supplementary (preparatory), high, higher and post-graduation professional tuition.

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Schnittke Moscow State Institute of Music has a long-standing and glorious history. It was established in 1918 as the 1st People’s Music School and in the course of time it advanced from the Music secondary school to Oktyabryskaya Revolytsiya Music College and, finally, to the Music Institute. Besides, the Institute includes Shaporin Child Music School and Music College. Nowadays it also develops new subdivisions oriented to post-graduate education as well as to the scientific and pedagogical training in the area of music.

The Institute was originated by outstanding Russian figures of music culture – Boleslav Yavorsky and Nadezhda Bryusova. During the hard twenties of the last century they managed to preserve and carry on the traditions of music education. Further the illustrious teachers – such as K.Schedrin (the father of famous Russian composer), P.Tchesnokov, V.Mukhin, A.Alexandrov, V.Zukkermann, H.Kogan – contributed to the Institute. In 1949 – 1953 Alfred Schnittke was a student of Oktyabrskaya Revolytsiya Music College, and later he worked in the College for some time, as a teacher of disciplines of music theory. In 1999 the College was given the name of the world-known composer.

Nowadays there is a good cause to consider Schnittke Institute to be the caretaker of the traditions of Russian music education. Young specialists in different areas of music are being educated in it, e.g. soloists of wind, string and folk instruments, conductors of choir, pianists, vocalists, and experts of musical theory. Being students many of them make prize-winners of international and Russian music contests, and this is great service of the teachers of the Institute. Along with highly professional musicians – the soloists and preceptors – who are the pivot of the Institute, there are outside professors, widely known in Russia and abroad. 

We can proudly state a fact that the growing professionalism of the graduators of Alfred Schnittke Institute is strongly based on Russian educational system and culture. High standards of pedagogy in the Institute represent the social safeguards for national need in music professionals.

Glorious traditions of native music culture and innovative technologies in education, creative potential and topical social goals – all these factors allow Schnittke Institute to be confident in the future.




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